Pure Chicken Essence

Strengthen immunity and nourish body

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Made from fresh free range chicken, Pure Chicken Essence is an ideal tonic for deep nourishment and everyday wellness with its rich nutritional value. Delicately simmered for 8 hours to ensure pure goodness in every drop. 

8 sachets x 60ml
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This product can be taken directly from the sachet or heated for a better flavour


Store in a cool, dry place.



100% Chicken



Drink a sachet every morning to stay healthy


Chicken Essence

Traditionally, the Chinese believe that fresh chicken offers a rich blend of protein and amino acids, which frozen or chilled chicken is unable to provide.

Chicken essence has plenty of health benefits such as:

1. Promote vitality and reduce fatigue
2. Replenish health and strengthen immunity
3. Enhance mental concentration
4. Increase physical strength
5. Improve quality of breast milk
6. Nourish the blood and body 


Quality Assurance

Eu Yan Sang Pure Chicken Essence is made from free range chicken bred in Taiwan of more than 12 months. Free range chicken have high activity levels, and therefore can produce toned muscles and succulent meat rich in amino acids. No administered antibiotics pass drug-free residue test and certified healthy by vet.


Suitable for people of all ages especially
- Children
- People with hectic lifestyles 
- Prenatal nourishment and postnatal recovery 
- Before and after surgery 
- People recuperating from chronic diseases, prolonged illnesses and physical exhaustion. 
- Elderly 
Not recommend for people allergic to protein, kidney diseases, gout or if you are suffering from common cold or fever. Patients of branched-chain organic aciduria diseases (such as Maple syrup urine disease) should avoid consuming this product.

1) Place the foil packaging directly into the boiling water/ hot water. (according to individual preference)

2) Simmer for approximately 3 minutes

3) Tear the foil packaging and pour it into the bowl, ready to consume.

Water and colours are added to traditional essence of chicken and it contains a gamy taste.

However, Eu Yang Sang Pure Chicken Essence is made from fresh chicken with no added water, flavours, colours or preservatives.

It contains essence of a whole chicken to preserve its original flavor and delicious taste.