Cordyceps Capsules

To improve vitality and general health


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The secret to shrug off your chronic fatigue. Cordyceps improve stamina and strengthen your immune system so you always feel energized.

Eu Yan Sang's Cordyceps Capsules is made of 100% pure Hirsutella Sinensis, the only true strain of cultivated Cordyceps that is 99.645% similar to rare, potent wild Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis)

100% natural, no preservatives, friendly to vegetarians.

60 capsules x 500mg per capsules
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Can be taken on an empty stomach


Store in a cool, dry place. Away from direct sunlight


500mg of 100% Hirustella Sinensis



0.5 capsules to 2 capsules, twice daily depending on age


Cordyceps (Hirsutella Sinensis)

Nicknamed "Himalayan Gold", Cordyceps is highly treasured for its medicinal value and has been used for centuries as a vitalizing tonic to promote energy levels, respiratory functions and immunity for all age groups.

However, being notoriously hard to harvest and scarcely available, wild Cordyceps can come at a hefty price due to the high demand for this prized herb. 

To address sustainability concerns, Eu Yan Sang has managed to attain Pure Hirsutella Sinensis, the only true strain of cultivated Cordyceps Sinensis recognized by scientists, which bears 99.645% genetic similarity to rare, wild Cordyceps. This is done through the strict replication of the natural habitat of wild Cordyceps, using the most advanced biotechnological processes of purification. This ensures purity, consistency and retention of the high bioactive compounds in our product, and a steady supply of Cordyceps that is better for the environment. 


Benefits of Cordyceps Capsules

1) Boosts energy and lessens fatigue
2) Improves stamina and athletic performance
3) Enhances respiratory system and strengthen lungs
4) Supports immune system
5) Fights inflammation
6) Enhances kidney functions


Quality Assured

From the herb selection to the controlled manufacturing process and all the way to the final contamination testing of every single batch, we do everything to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality.

100% Natural, no preservatives

Suitable for vegetarians, sustainably sourced



1. Working Mums - Provides them with the sustained energy to juggle between work and family

2. Corporate Athletes who put their career as their top priority need all the energy to stay in the game. Cordyceps capsules provide them with vitality and sustained energy to stay on top

3. Active Seniors who need the energy levels and physical stamina to interact with friends, grandchildren and lead an active lifestyle can do so with Cordyceps capsules

Eu Yan Sang Pure Cordyceps™ is harvested in an optimum natural environment for cordyceps cultivation using the most advanced bio-technological processes of purification. This ensures purity, consistency and retention of high bioactive compounds of the product.

We replicate the natural habitat of wild cordyceps to attain Pure Hirsutella Sinesis which is 99.645% genetically similar to wild cordyceps.

Pure Cordyceps™ is fermented by strictly replicating a unique set of growth conditions that are geographically authentic to the natural habitat of wild cordyceps. These conditions of temperature, water quality, oxygen levels, ventilation, humidity and nutrients are tightly monitored to ensure the optimal environment for the cultivation of the Hirsutella Sinesis in Pure Cordyceps™.

Our Pure Cordyceps™ has managed to obtain pure Hirsutella Sinesis, which is 99.645% genetically identical to that of wild cordyceps. This fact has been established by rDNA sequence analysis (ITS 1, ITS 2 and 5.85rDNA), which compares Pure Cordyceps™ to the DNA sequence stored in the global gene database. This ensures that our Pure Cordyceps Capsules will have potent benefits that are very similar to Wild Cordyceps.