28 Day Postnatal Confinement Package (坐月護航配套)

For postpartum care and recovery

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A convenient and all-in-one solution, this confinement remedy has all the necessary nourishment to help your body recuperate and re-energize over the first 28 days after childbirth. Best combined with plenty of rest for faster recovery.

Eu Yan Sang's confinement packages are specially curated for postpartum mothers, with a wide selection of quality confinement herbs in pre-packed soup packs, red date tea and age-old prescription pills.

Comes with a 28-day nourishment plan for easy reference.

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Refer to the 28-day nourishment plan included for easy reference


Store in a cool, dry place. Away from direct sunlight.



Nourish blood and body
Promote blood circulation
Strengthen immunity
Enhance breast milk
Heal wounds and repair tissue
Regulate hormonal balance

2 x Ba Zhen Soup (八珍湯)

2 x Superior Nurturing Soup (上等燉湯)

2 x Sheng Hua Soup (生化湯)

2 x So Hup Pills (追風蘇合丸)

14 x Qi & Blood

A 28-day nourishment plan for easy reference

What is confinement? 

What is Postnatal Confinement?
Postnatal confinement is a period of restoration after birth for the New Mum to recuperate and re-energize. It is a time for the uterus to contract, vagina wounds to heal and stretched loose skin, joints and ligaments to return to normal.

Why is Postnatal Confinement necessary?
Proper care and rest during confinement period form a solid foundation for your future health, whereas the lack of may lead to postnatal conditions which include headaches, arthritis, immune deficiency, chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia or hormonal imbalance.

When is the period for Postnatal Confinement?
The first 28 days after you've given birth is the period where a regimen of nutritious meals lots of rest is highly recommended. This period of restoration is a necessity not to be belittled as recovery will be swift if proper care is taken.


What's inside

This 28-Day Postnatal Confinement Package consists of:

3 x Si-Shen Appetite Enhancement Soup (四神湯)
1 x Gold Label Bak Foong Pills - Small (金牌白鳳丸 - 小粒裝)
3 x Dang-Gui Nan-Zao Blood Nourishment Soup (當歸南棗湯)
2 x Ginseng with Ten Herbs Soup (十全大補湯)
2 x Kidney Tonic Soup (杜仲補腰湯)
2 x Ba Zhen Soup (八珍湯)
2 x Superior Nurturing Soup (上等燉湯)
2 x  Sheng Hua Soup (生化湯)
2 x So Hup Pills (追風蘇合丸)
14 x Qi & Blood Nourishing Tea
A 28-day nourishment plan for easy reference

Learn about your 28-day journey


After delivery, there is considerable bleeding (lochia) from the uterus until the contraction phase.  For the first few days after birth, lochia contains a fair amount of blood, so it will be bright red and look like a heavy menstrual period.  There may also be pain due to blood clots thus it is advisable to consume food that promotes blood circulation and remove blood clots.

By two to four days after you have given birth, the lochia will be more watery and pinkish in color. About ten days after the birth, you should have only a small amount of white or yellow-white discharge.

To aid smooth expulsion of lochia and regulate the uterus contraction during this important phase, Sheng Hua Soup is recommended to be consumed once daily on the 2nd and 3rd day following childbirth.

As your body continues to heal, focus on improving appetite, digestive function and blood circulation.  Did you know? A woman's body produces about 50% more blood during pregnancy, which helps to nourish and protect both baby and mother.  But not all of this excess blood leaves the body during delivery.  Fluid build up can also occur.

Accelerate the expulsion of the body’s excess water through herbal formulas such as Appetite Enhancement Soup to strengthen the gastrointestinal system.  A strong gastrointestinal system reduces water retention and ensures that nutrients are effectively digested and absorbed by the body, which in turn helps with tissue repair and increases the quality of your breast milk.

As your gastrointestinal system strengthens, this is a good time to nourish the body.  Good nourishment helps you regain your pre-pregnancy vitality, fight premature aging and better prepare you for future pregnancies.

Muscle pain especially around the lumbar section may occur as this part of the body has supported considerable weight throughout pregnancy.  Strengthen your physique with soups like the Kidney Tonic Soup.

You may experience fatigue or cold limbs during this period after most of the lochia has been discharged.  Consuming soups such as Dang-Gui Nan-Zao Nourishing Soup nourishes the blood, increases haemoglobin and helps keep the body warm by improving blood circulation. Take one box of Bak Foong Pills once every two days to regulate hormones and ease your body back into recovery.